5 September 2020

The young eagle fledged on 31 August. I couldn’t wait to get to the Garden to see him fly. When I arrived at the top of the waterfall he was feeding on the nest. It took a while before he flew. Even though it was not his first flight, my breath still caught in my throat when he flew off the nest.Verreauxs eagle

During the time I was there he took a few short flights. It was so special to see him test his wings. He ill get more and more confident each day. The adults were around to keep an eye and show him the ropes.Verreauxs eagleVerreauxs eagle Verreauxs eagle

The performance by the adults was spectacular. They flew so low over my head, I almost felt as if I could touch them. There were moments that I did not even lift the camera – I just watched them in awe.Verreauxs eagleVerreauxs eagle Verreauxs eagle

The crows were their usual pesky selves. The eagles chased after them a few times with a speed that left me breathless.Verreauxs eagle

Seeing the two adults together was such a wonderful sight.Verreauxs eagle Verreauxs eagle

There were also two Striped Pipits, and what looked like their little one.Striped Pipits

There were many large grasshoppers around. This one was warming up in he early morning sun.Grasshopper

13 September 2020

The young eagle was finally given a name: Motsumi – The Hunter. I thought it was a very good name!Verreauxs Eagle Verreauxs Eagle

The adults did a few very low fly-byes and were magnificent as always.Verreauxs Eagle Verreauxs Eagle

I was very lucky to see the Fairy Flycatcher as it was almost time for them to head south. Not the best photo because these are busy little birds!Fairy Flycatcher

The male Cape weavers were very busy building nests. I love watching these clowns.Cape weaverCape weaverCape weaver Cape weaver   Cape weaver

It is not just about the birds. There are also some smaller creatures. The large green grasshoppers were still almost everywhere, and I found a freshly molted Highveld Lesser Thicktail Scorpion under a rock.GrashopperHighveld Lesser Thicktail Scorpion

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