An Unexpected Garden Bird

5 May 2021 will be the highlight of all the bird sightings I’ve had while working from home during lock down.

I heard the Grey Go-away bird alarm call in the tree next to my balcony. I rushed outside, camera ready, but saw nothing. 2 minutes later I heard him alarm call again, and I rushed out again, camera and binos this time. I spotted the raptor through the binos, and was ecstatic when he decided to fly towards my house.

A magnificent Verreaux’s Eagle that was being hounded by lapwings and crows. I am fairly certain it is Mahlori, the male bird from the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens. Lockdown bird #81 and Garden bird #85.


Verreaux's Eagle Verreaux's Eagle Verreaux's Eagle Verreaux's Eagle

It was just so cool to see of of my favourite birds fly over my house, and I kept on smiling for a long time after he disappeared.