Lock-down Birding, Bugs & Things

Covid-19 Lock-down in South Africa started on 27 March 2020 and was initially scheduled for 3 weeks. I had already been working from home for a week at that stage and had been enjoying the birds and things in and around my complex.

At the end of Lock-down week 2 our President announced that lock-down would be extended by 2 weeks until 30 April 2020. 

Eventually the Covid 19 pandemic eased, restrictions lifted and life slowly but surely returned to normal. 

But we continued to work from home.

By working from home I have discovered that the birdlife around my complex i more incredible than I could have imagined. It has been a pleasure to experience this. I also had time to appreciate other small things during lockdown.

The pages below documents some of my sightings while working from home during the first 12 months of the Covid-19 Pandemic.