Death on a Cosmos

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon when I decided to take a quick drive to a nearby field to see what small creatures I could find. As I approached the few Cosmos flowers that still remained I saw a flash of movement. A Flower Crab Spider had just caught a Honey Bee!Crab spider with bee

I don’t know how the spider stayed on the flower as all 8 legs were on the bee. All I can think is that it must have attached itself with a layer of silk.Crab spider with bee

I did not enjoy watching the poor bee in its last death struggles, but luckily it died quite quickly.Crab spider with bee

The spider re-positioned to enjoy its meal, and I left it after a short while.Crab spider with bee Crab spider with bee Crab spider with bee

It was a fascinating experience, and I was really glad that I went on the short outing!