5 August 2020

I was immensely excited when I head that WSBG would finally open on 3 August 2020 and immediately booked leave for 5 August 2020.

News had filtered through that a Verreaux′s Eagle chick had hatched, and I could not wait to meet the youngster. After the drama from 2019 it was wonderful to have a baby eagle again.

When I arrived, I just walked along the familiar paths to get re-acquainted with my favourite place.

There were a few birds on the way to the Eagles – a Kurrichane Thrush and a Fiscal Flycatcher.

 Kurrichane Thrush Fiscal Flycatcher

Eventually I made it to the top of the waterfall. The youngster was lying in the nest. After a while he sat up.Verreauxs eagle

The parents were nowhere to be seen. I poured coffee and waited. While I waited, I had an interesting sighting – a family of Rock Hyraxes were sunning themselves against the cliff face, It was the first time Id seen these furry creatures in the Garden.Rock Hyrax

After a little while the adult eagles arrived. I was filled with such emotion when I saw them! They were absolutely magnificent as they flew past ad circles overhead.Verreauxs eagle Verreauxs eagle

The pesky crows were annoying as always.Verreauxs eagle

After a while the parents went hunting. The crows shifted their focus to the chick and proceeded to dive bomb him for a while. He did not seem to bothered by them.Verreauxs eagle

The male Cape Rock Thrush also came to say hallo.Cape Rock Thrush

A trio of Sacred Ibises flew past.Sacred Ibis

The birds were fairly quiet for the most part, but I did have a lovely sighting of the Striped pipit, my first sighting since July 2019. After I short run I left the Garden rejuvenated and very satisfied!

10 & 16 August 2020

I visited again twice more in August. The weather on the 10th was not great, and the action from the eagles was limited. I took a couple of photos of the adult with the chick.Verreauxs Eagle Verreauxs Eagle Verreauxs Eagle

On the 16th the weather was somewhat better. The garden was also the busiest I have ever seen it. The Eagles did not really show themselves, so it was therefore another short-ish visit.

The morning started with an African Grey Hornbill just after I entered the Garden.African Grey Hornbill

This Red-winged Starling posed near the bridge over the stream.Red winged starling

This cute little Bar-throated Apalis was playing hide and seek.Bar throated Apalis

The young Verreaux’s eagle stretched its wings while the adults put in a brief appearance before heading out to hunt.Verreauxs EagleVerreauxs Eagle

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