I knew it.

My son did a project on this special Park when he was 9 or 10. As I helped him with research, I thought – this sounds like a place I could love.

16 Years later I finally visited this Park.

I knew it. I knew I would love Mapungubwe.  I was right. I am completely in love with this Park.

I had high expectations for my first visit. All of them were exceeded 7 million times. There are not enough adjectives in all the written and spoken languages in the Universe to describe the wonders of Mapungubwe.

Baobab TreeI spent two nights in the EASTERN SECTION of the Park – one night in Leokwe Camp, and one night in Vhembe Camp.

The accommodation was really Great, and the Park was indescribable. Click HERE to read about this marvelous experience.

After the two nights in the Easternn Section, I moved on to the WESTERN SECTION where I camped in Mazhou Camp for two nights. The landscape and vegetation was completely different, but the Park was equally amazing. The Camp Site was really fantastic, and you can read HERE why.