The world of spiders is absolutely fascinating. It is incredible just how many of these gorgeous eight-legged creatures are around us. Finding them, identifying them and photographing them has become my new favourite thing.

Family: Agelenidae (Funnel-web Spiders)

Grass Funnelweb Spider (Agelena sp)Agelena Grass Funnel web

Family: Araneidae (Orb-web Spiders)

Green Pea Spider (Araneus apricus)Green Pea Spider
Garden Orb-web Spider (Argiope Australis)Argiope Australis
Orb-Web Spider (Argiope trifasciata)Argiope trifasciata
Bub-eyed Hairy Field Spider (Bijoraneus legonensis)Bijoraneus legonensis
Horned Bark Spider (Caerostris sexcuspitada)Horned Bark Spider
Humpback Spider (Eriovixia excelsa )Eriovixia sp
Short-wing Kite Spider (Gasteracantha sanguinolenta)Short Wing Kite Spider
Comon Kite Spider (Gasteracantha versicolor)Common Kite Spider
Box Kite Spider (Isoxya sp)Box Kite Spider
Kilima Grass Orb Web Spider (Kilima decens)Kilima Grass Orb Web Spider
Neuscona spHairy Field SpiderHairy Field SpiderHairy Field Spider
Neoscona blondeli

Hairy Field Spider

Neoscona moreliNeoscona moreli
Neoscona triangulaNeoscona triangula
Araneus sp Field Spider_Araneus sp
Pararaneus sp

Spikey Field Spider

African cucumber spider (Prasonica sp)Cucumber Spider
Pycnacantha spPycnacantha sp Pycnacantha sp
Pyjama Spider (Singa albodorsata)Pyjama Spider_Singa sp
Black-legged nephila (Trichonephila fenestrata)Golden Orb Web Spider
Banded-legged Orb-web Spider (Trichonephila senegalensis)Trichonephila senegalensisGolden Orb Web SpiderGolden Orb Web Spider

Family: Dictynidae (Mesh-weavers)

Common Mesh-web Spider (Archaeodictyna condocta)Archaeodictyna condocta

Family: Eresidae (Velvet Spiders)

Velvet Spiders (Dresserus sp)Velvet Spider
Stegodyphus tentriicolaStegodyphus tentriicola
Community Web Spider (Stegodyphus dumicola)Community Nest Spider

Family: Oecobiidae (Round-headed Spiders

Dwarf Round-headed Spider (Oecobius sp)Oecobius sp

Family: Pholcidae (Daddy longlegs spiders)

Daddy longlegs spider (Smeringopus sp)Daddy_Longlegs
Quamtana longlegs spider (Quamtana sp)Quamtana sp

Family: Phyxelididae (Hackled Mesh Web Spiders)

Hackled Mesh Web Spider (Family Phyxelididae)Hackled Mesh Web Spider

Family: Psauridae (Nursery-web Spiders)

Funnel Web Nursery Web Spider (Euprosthenops sp)Nursery Web Spider_Euprosthenops

Euprosthenops sp    Euprosthenops sp

Fishing Spider (Nilus sp)SpiderNilus Fishing Spider
Crowned Nursery Web Spider (Rothus sp)Rothus sp

Family: Tetragnathidae (Long-jawed Orb-web Spiders)

Leucauge spLeucauge sp
Silver marsh spider (Leucauge festiva)Silver marsh spider

Family: Theridiidae (Comb-footed Spiders)

Long-jawed Spider (Enoplognatha molesta)Enoplognatha molesta
Black Ant-eating Comb-foot Spider (Euryopis episinoides)Euryopis episinoides
Brown Button Spider (Latrodectus geometricus)

Spiders from the Latrodectus genus are some of the handful of spiders that have venom that are medically significant to humans.Lactrodectus geometricus

Black button Spider (Latrodectus sp)Latrodectus sp Black button Spider
(Platnickia sp)Platnickina sp
Tailed Comb-footed Spider (Rhomphaea sp)Tailed Comb footed Spider
False Button Spider (Steatoda capensis)False button spiderSteatoda capensis
False House Button Spider (Theridion sp)Theridion sp Theridion sp    Theridion sp
Comb-footed Spider (Chrysso sp)Chrysso sp

Family: Uloboridae (Hackled Orb-web Spiders)

Feather-legged Spider (Uloborus plumipes)Feather legged Spider
Uloborus walckenaeriusUloborus walckenaerius
Uloborus spUloborus sp

Family: Cheiracanthiidae (Sac Spiders)

Spiders from the Cheiracanthium genus are some of the handful of spiders that have venom that are medically significant to humans.

House Sac Spider (Cheiracanthium furculatum)Cheiracanthium furculatum

Family: Clubionidae (Grass Sac Spiders)

Leaf-Curling Sac Spider (Clubonia sp)Leaf_Curling_Sac_Spider_Clubonia

Family: Hersiliidae (Long-spinneret Spiders)

Hersilia sericeaLong Spinneret Bark Spider
Two-tailed Ground Spider (Tyrotama sp)Tyrotama sp

Family: Oxyopidae (Lynx Spiders)

Lynx Spider (Oxyopes sp)Oxyopes sp
Peucetia transvaalicaPeucetia transvaalica
Green Lynx Spider (Peucetia sp)Green Lynx Spider

Family: Philodromidae (Running Crab Spiders)

White Running Spider (Gephyrota glauca)Gephyrota glauca
Running Crab Spider (Thanatus sp)Thanatus Sp
Grass Running Spider (Tibellus sp)Tibellus sp

Family: Salticidae (Jumping Spiders)

I think everyone can agree that Jumping Spiders are some of the cutest little creatures on the planet. It is probably those huge eyes and the way that they look around them. I have been lucky to discover quite a few since I have been spending more time in the spider world.

Asemonea spAsemonea sp
Baryphas ahenusBaryphas ahenus
Orange Jumping Spider (Cyrba nigrimana)Cyrba nigrimana
Dendryphantes spDendryphantes spJumping Spider
Hasarius adansoniHasarius adansonia
Heliophanus pauperHeliophanus pauper
Heliophanus termitphagusHeliophanus termitophagus
Heliophanus transvaalicusHeliophanus transvaalicus
Hyllus argyrotoxusHyllus argyrotoxus
Hyllus treleaveniHyllus treleaveni
Icius insolidusIcius insolidus
Icius spIcius sp
Nigorella hirsutaNigorella hirsuta
Natta horizontalisNatta horizontalis
Pignus simoni

Pignus simoni    Pignus simoni

Rumburak laxusRumburak laxus
Thyene Ogdeni

Thyene ogdeni   Jumping Spider

Thyene thyenioidesThyene thyenioides
Thyene sp Thyene sp Jumping Spider.
Thyenula sp

Thyenula sp    Thyenula sp

Family: Sparassidae (Huntsman Spiders)

Desert Huntsman Spider (possibly Arandisa sp)Desert Huntsman
Stone Huntsman Spider (Eusparassus borakalalo)Rock Huntsman Spider
Stone Huntsman Spider (Eusparassus sp)Rock Huntsman
Olios spHuntsman Spider
Rain Spider (Palystes superciliosus)Rain Spider
Panaratella spHuntsman Spider
African Grass Huntsman Spider (Pseudomicrommata longipes)Pseudomicrommata longipes

Family: Thomisidae (Crab Spiders)

Spotted Crab Spider (Diaea puncta)Diaea puncta
Red Band Crab Spider (Misumenops rubrodecoratus )Misumenops rubrodecoratus
Monaeses spMonaeses sp
Oxytate spOxytate sp
Grass Crab Spider (Runcinia sp)Runcinia sp
African Mask Crab Spider (Synema sp cf diana)Synema sp Crab Spider
African Mask Crab Spider (Synema sp)Synema sp
Thomisus australisThomisus australis
Thomisus blandus Thomisus blandus
Thomisus spThomisus blandusThomisus sp Crab SpiderThomisus sp
Tree Crab Spider (Tmarus sp)Tmarus sp Crab Spider
Ground Crab Spider (Xysticus sp)Ground Crab Spider
Ground Crab Spider Male (Xysticus sp)Xysticus male

Family: Trochanteriidae (Scorpion Spiders)

Platyoides walteriScorpion Spider

Family: Bemmeridae

Afrasian Wishbone Spider (Homostola sp)Homostola sp

Family: Corinnidae (Dark Sac Spiders)

Ant-like Sac Spider (Apochinomma sp)Ant_Mimic_Sack_Spider
Dark Sac Spider (Copuetta sp)Copuetta sp

Family: Ctenidae (Tropical Wolf Spiders)

Ctenus spTropical Wolf Spider Tropical Wolf Spider

Family: Gnaphosidae (Flat-bellied Ground Spiders)

Flat-bellied Ground Spider (Gnaphosidae)Flat_Bellied_Ground_Spider
Dark Ground Spider (Zelotis sp)Zelotes sp

Family: Lycosidae (Wolf Spiders)

Burrowing Wolf Spider (Hippasosa guttata)Burrowing Wolf Spider
Hogna spHogna sp
Lycosa spLycosa sp

Family: Palpimanidae (Palp-footed Spiders)

Palpimanus cf. transvaalicusPalpimanus cf tranvaalicus Palpimanus transvaalicus

Family: Prodidomidae (Long-spinnered Ground Spiders)

Orange Ground Spider (Prodidomidae, Austrodomus sp)Orange_Ground_spider

Family: Scytodidae (Spitting Spiders)

Scytodes spScytodes sp

Family: Selenopidae (Flatties or Wall Spiders)

Wall Spider (Family: Selenopidae)Wall Crab Spider

Family: Theraphosidae (Baboon Spiders)

Pygmy Baboon Spider (Brachionopus sp)Baboon Spider Harpactira sp
Lesser Baboon Spider (Harpactirella sp)Lesser Baboon Spider

Family: Trachelidae: Dark Sac Spiders

Dark Sac Spider (Afroceto sp)Afroceto sp

Family: Zodariidae (Zodariid Spiders)

Burrowing Zodariid (Psammorigma sp)Burrowing Zodariid
(Systenoplacis sp)Systenoplacis sp

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