I was chatting to someone at the Mopani viewing deck about the sightings during the week. The person mentioned that they had not had any really “special or cool” sightings. I was reminded of another time at Mlondozi picnic site when someone asked if I had had any “cool” sightings. I realised again that everyone defines words like “special” and “cool” in the Kruger context differently. An no matter how different these definitions are, Kruger will deliver on each of these definitions.

There isn’t a right or wrong definition in the Kruger context. Everyone goes to Kruger for different reasons, and everyone hopes to see something cool or special. And I would like to think that everyone comes back from Kruger and then tell their family and friends about all the really cool and incredibly special sightings they had.

While driving from the gate to Mopani on my first day, there were stretches of road where there were no birds or animals. I did not mind, because I was still seeing Kruger.  Kruger National Park

I smiled at myself when I got excited when I saw my one and only Dark-capped Bulbul in camp. It is a bird that I see in my garden at home on a daily basis. But I was excited because I saw one in Kruger.

The scenery in the Park can be as wonderful as the animals and birds. Especially along the main rivers. The view of the Letaba river was lovely.

Letaba River   Letaba River

The view from the Red Rocks look out point is not too shabby either.Red Rocks

And then there are the sunsets and sunrises. They just seem to be more special in Kruger compared to anywhere else. The first sunset was a pretty one.Kruger Sunset Kruger Sunset

Most mornings were overcast, so I did not see a sunrise every day. But there was one that was fairly stunning.Kruger Sunrise Kruger Sunrise

As I turned north, this was happening behind me.Kruger Sunrise

Even when the Park is at its driest, there is something special about it.Kruger National Park

My next planned Kruger trip is only in November 2023. That would be 13 months after this last trip.

13 months …….

I am not sure how I will survive without the Park, or how the Park will survive without me!

Between this last trip and the next Kruger trip I will visit many other National Parks and interesting towns. It is some consolation. I know for a fact that I will see may cool and special things during the year.

And when I return to Kruger, I know, without a doubt, that the Park will deliver every cool and special sighting I could hope for.Spider Web

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