The fourth member of the Big 5 that I saw was the Buffalo. There was a large herd in that area that moved around but ended up at the Shipandani hide most days.

Buffalo   Buffalo

On the afternoon after I arrived, I spent some time at the hide. A few buffalos came down for a drink. .BuffaloBuffalo   Buffalo

I saw buffalos a few times during the trip. Buffalo

The herd moved around the area and one afternoon caused a bit of a road block when they crossed the road just outside Mopani.

I found them at the Shipandani hide again later that day.

Buffalo   Buffalo

On the morning that I left the Park I came across another large herd at one of the waterholes between Mopani and Letaba.Buffalo

Buffalo   Buffalo

In their eagerness to get to the water they flushed a whole flock of Red-billed Queleas.Buffalo

The sight of the large herd at the small waterhole was quite a spectacle.Buffalo Buffalo

Buffalos have never been my favourite of the Big 5. But there is something about a large herd of buffalos that is very impressive. I really enjoyed the sightings I had during this trip.

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