There were no roadblocks or closed roads top prevent my visit to Grootvlei Dam. The lion sighting at Nshawu meant that I did get there a little later than planned.

There were large flocks flocks of Red-billed Queleas around the dam. The sound of them flying up and down could be heard even from where I was parked.Red billed QueleaRed billed Quelea   Red billed Quelea

I spent a few hours sitting next to the dam. There was a constant stream of animals that would come for a drink. The surrounding bush looked very dry, so it made sense for the dam to receive a lot of traffic.Blue WildebeestBlue Wildebeest

A couple of elephants arrived at the opposite side of the dam.Elephant

Not long after they left more elephants showed up.Elephant Elephant  Elephant  Elephant

Elephants were not the only animals at the dam.Elephant

Hippo noses were visible every now and then and there were Zebras and Tsessebes a-plenty.Zebra TsessebeZebra   Zebra

Another of the Big 5 Showed up. I love how they can stare at you as if they cannot believe what they are seeing.Buffalo

One buffalo proceeded to have a mud bath. It was obvious that he was thoroughly enjoying himself.Buffalo Buffalo

There were also a few birds around. A Blacksmith Lapwing and her tiny chicks were on the other side of the dam. I spotted a bird land at the far side of the dam and was able to identify it as a Collared Pratincole – a bird that I have not seen in a while. This terrible, distant sighting was rather exciting. Little did I know that other Collared Pratincoles would present me with one of the highlights of my trip.

An African Hoopoo posed nicely on a dead tree stump.African Hoopoo

There were also a few Western Cattle Egrets around the dam.Western Cattle Egret

As I left I saw a Black-backed Jackal, Giraffe and Impala.Black backed JackalGiraffe   Impala

It was my first visit to Grootvlei Dam, and I really enjoyed it. It was a wonderful spot to sit with a cup of coffee and watch the Park come and go. It will definitely be one of my must visit placed when I am in the Mopani area again.

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