During this trip I saw many, many Tsessebes. In fact, I think I may have seen more Tsessebes than Impalas!TsessebeTsessebe   Tsessebe

While spending time at the waterhole with the elephants, and small herd of Tsessebes arrived for a drink. Tsessebe

They looked really pretty in the golden afternoon light.Tsessebe Tsessebe Tsessebe

TsessebeI found another herd just north of Mopani. They had a small little calf with them.

I had to wait a little while for the little one to come out in the open, but he finally did.

The little one stayed very close to mom. Then he had a drink before taking a nap.

Tsessebe Tsessebe

I still remember the first time I saw a Tsessebe in Kruger. He was very far away, but my excitement was really ridiculous. Every time I saw the Tsessebes I thought of that moment. It sill makes me smile.

These Blue Wildebeest were lying down in the smallest little patches of shade.Blue Wildebeest

When the light catches their coats they are actually pretty.Blue Wildebeest

But their eyes freak me out just a little bit!Blue Wildebeest

The Zebras dazzled as always.Zebra

The really are the most photogenic animals. I love photographing them!Zebra Zebra   Zebra

There were a few warthogs and giraffes around the area.

Warthog   Giraffe

One afternoon I drove back to camp via the river loops. I saw this flash of gold on the other side of the river. The sunlight really reflected beautifully off the female Bushbuck’s coat.Bushbuck

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