On my first night I wandered along the fence. I suddenly heard a noise. I had no idea what it was, but in my imagination it was either a lion sitting in the dark and growling at me, or the rumbling of an elephant’s tummy. Even though I did not know what it was, it was a rather chilling moment, and I walked back to the center of the camp fairly quickly. It was a couple of nights before I could walk next to the fence again!

I found a wonderful lifer spider in a tree right next to my tent. It was a gorgeous Long Spinneret Bark Spider. I saw it again a couple of nights later. It was a stunning creature.Long Spinneret Bark Spider Long Spinneret Bark Spider

I found lots of sleeping butterflies. There were lots of African Veined Whites, more butterflies from the Zebra Blue Group and some Pea Blues.African Veined White Zebra Blue Group   Pea Blue

Other flying creatures included a couple of moths – a Ophiusa mejanesi and a Dark Elfin.

Ophiusa mejanesi   Dark Elfin

A caterpillar was having a nice long stretch.Caterpillar

I heard a rustling in the grass and saw a pretty Dragonfly in the shape of an African Piedspot (another lifer).African Piedspot

On another occasion I was startled by another rustling sound in the leaf litter. I looked down and discovered an Olive Toad.

Olive Toad   Olive Toad

But it was the arachnids that provided some rally wonderful sightings.

I only found two scorpions, but they were both lifers. First up was an Uroplectes vittatus.Uroplectes vittatus

The next night I found a Parabuthus transvaalicus.Parabuthus transvaalicus

There were hundreds of Wolf Spiders around. When I walked and shone my torch, their little eyes shone like diamonds strewn on the ground.Wolf Spider Wolf Spider

It was the first time I’d seen a Community Nest Spider really close. They are really cute and Fluffy!Community Nest Spider

I Found three spider species on one dry bush. First was a Rock Huntsman.Rock Huntsman

On a next branch was a Feather-legged Spider and close by one of the many Cucumber Spiders I found in the camp.

Feather Legged Spider Cucumber Spider

This Juvenile Golden Orb Web Spider was just adorable.Juvenile Golden Orb Web Spider

The creature that did freak me out just a little (mostly due to their proximity to my tent), were the many Solifuges that I found. They were moving fast as always, and it was not easy to get photos. Then this one (the largest of them all), stopped and gave me a look.Solifuge Solifuge

These guys are very cool, but also one of the few creatures that freaks me out just a little.

Despite getting lost in the dark one or two times, I really enjoyed my night time walks.

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