I took a nice, slow drive to Shingwedzi. The sightings along the way were very cool.Impala Elephant   Zebra

The birds entertained as well. A pair of Wahlberg’s eagles and a Lilac-breasted Roller started the bird parade.

Wahlbergs eagle   Lilac Breasted Roller

There were a few loops along the river and there were many birds along the little loops. I saw movement on the ground on the other side of the river. I looked through the binoculars, and was surprised (and delighted!) to see that it was a Levaillant’s Cuckoo drinking water! The little birds were delightful. I don’t often find a Black-crowned Tchagra out in the open.Black crowned Tchagra

He was joined by a Tawny-flanked Prinia and a Cinnamon Breasted Bunting.

Tawny Flanked Prinia   Cinnamon Breasted Bunting

I love the colours of a Marico Sunbirds.Marico Sunbird

A Yellow-billed Stork and Saddle-billed Stork were foraging in the river.Yellow billed Stork Saddle billed Stork

I drove through Shingwedzi camp to the causeway at the back of the camp. There I found another Yellow-billed Stork very close to the road.Yellow billed Stork

On the other side of the road a Common Greenshank made a pretty picture in the water.Common Greenshank

I drove in the direction of the Kanniedood hide. Along the way there were Impalas and Giraffes.

Impala  Giraffe.

The Giraffe had a few Yellow-billed Oxpeckers as passengers.Yellow billed Oxpeckers Yellow billed Oxpeckers

There were also a couple of elephants.

Elephant   Elephant

There were lots of birds as well. Blue Waxbills, Green-winged Pytillias, Arrow-marked Babblers, as well as Red-billed Hornbills and a Brown-hooded Kingfisher.

Red billed Hornbill   Brown Hooded Kingfisher

A young Giraffe looked very relaxed in the riverbed.Giraffe

It happened on the way back to shingwedzi. When I saw the face through a gap in the bushes I did not immediately realise what it was. Then I slammed on the brakes and stopped in a cloud of dust. I reversed very quickly, because in the Shingwedzi Riverbed was a Roan Antelope!Roan Antelope

The camera went into overdrive, but I also just sat watching this beautiful animal.Roan AntelopeRoan Antelope   Roan Antelope

I had seen Roan before, but this was my first sighting in Kruger. It was an animal that I had wanted to see for a long, long time. I was so very happy when I drove away!

The drive back to Mopani was as delightful as the drive to Shingwedzi earlier in the morning. It was filled with wonderful sightings. There were baby Giraffes, Squirrels and Buffalos.

Giraffe   Zebra Tree Squirrel   Buffalo

The Shingwedzi outing ended with a beautiful Purple Roller, and some elephants and a large buffalo bull.

Purple Roller Elephant  Buffalo

I was very happy that I decided to go on the drive to Shingwezi. It had been a wonderful morning. I saw such wonderful birds and animals, and the memory of the Roan sighting will last forever.

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